Principal Message

Message from Principal

Dear Parents and my very dear students, 

A survey published in “India Today” sometime back gave these interesting findings: “in 1975 we had just one T.V.Channel and that too black and white, today we have 300 plus. In all we had 3 car models now we have perhaps 60 plus, there were 1-6 million telephone connections in all , today we have 116 million with lacs of cell phones added to this number every year. In last 60 years or so we have had 15 Prime-ministers, 12 Presidents,’ and yet we are living in a strange world.  Despite these advancements in every field there are more than 31crore still Below Poverty line, 78 million homeless and 6.2 crore slum dwellers , we have been able to register only 61% literacy rate in our country inclusive of the first generation school goers. This is where the role of students, parents, and teachers becomes all the more challenging to create an environment where concerted efforts are made to promote an overall atmosphere for the progress of community as a whole.


We at KV Hasimara, have been striving hard to inculcate these social values in our children through specially designed activities so that when they pass out, they are nor mere literates but educated in the real sense of the term. The academic result of school has been very encouraging both at the home as well as the board level, efforts have been made to maintain and improve our existing infrastructure. To address the day to day problems, class IX students have taken a pioneer project “Quality Circles”. To inculcate reading habits, the Book Fair in the month of April remained successful. Class libraries have been introduced in Primary and we are trying our level best to adopt CCE in its true spirit. 

I wish to thank The KVS, our VMC, parents and local community for giving us a wholehearted support in our endeavours without which the task would not have been so easily accomplished.

Allow me to quote a beautiful expression from the foreword by Prof. Yashpal, the Chairman of the Steering Committee of National Curriculum Framework, who says that “fertile and robust education is always created, rooted in the physical and cultural soil of the child, and nourished through interaction with parents, teachers, fellow students and the community”.


Jai Hind